"I've known Jim for a long time and he has always been great to work with. He truly cares for his friends and clients and is always looking for ways to help and support them. He took the time to answer all of my questions, gave me helpful advice, and he helped me find a place that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Jim is a dedicated professional, but he really pours his desire to care for people into his work. I highly recommend Jim to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

-Andrew Robison



"Jim did a fantastic job in helping us sell our home! 5 stars!! We had a signed contract just a few days after the house was listed, and got virtually the full asking price, and more than we realistically expected. He and his team were all very helpful and professional throughout the process. We highly recommend them to others."

- Lee and Stephanie Berkovits 


"My wife and I are expecting our first child this spring. When we first began our home search Jim was recommended to us by a friend. This was the best thing that could have happened to us during this process. Jim is the realtor that everyone wants. He has an extreme knowledge of all things home and always has an answer to your questions. You can truly see Jim's passion for helping people as he always goes above and beyond in fulfilling your requests. From beginning to end, Jim will be there for you."

-Mike and Liana Shinholt


"Jim was absolutely amazing. We started our home buying process 2 years ago. In all honesty, we probably weren’t ready to buy a house when we first reached out to Jim. We looked at about 8-10 homes, and realized that we should take a break. In the 18 months that followed, Jim repeatedly checked in on us to make sure things were going well, but never pushed. When we were finally ready, Jim was as excited as we were.

We provided Jim with listings that we were interested in (which I prefer over having an agent provide us with listings) and he was willing to visit as many houses as we could handle. In December, we visited about 10 homes in one day. None of them were quite right, but Jim kept us positive.

In January, we visited another 10 homes and really liked 3 of them. By the next morning, one of the three was off the market. We felt like we had to move right away to have a chance at the home we wanted. It was then that Jim’s advice and knowledge was invaluable. He kept us positive and moving forward, and he let us know that the process was normal: that we weren’t the first couple to get frustrated. This, among other things, helped us keep our perspective.

The next day, we saw the house that immediately jumped to the top of our list. I reached out to Jim at noon and we were taking a tour by 5:00 that night. Jim rejoiced with us and helped us through nerves as we discussed the next steps. We called the mortgage company to ask them to start the process.

Within 24 hours, Jim’s company had all of the paperwork completed and submitted our offer. Later that night, he called us to let us know that we were one of five people/couples to make an offer. Jim spent about 25 minutes with us at about 9:15 at night helping us figure out if we should increase our offer or not. The reality is he really didn’t offer much advice in that phone call, as he didn’t want to push us towards a decision we weren’t comfortable with. Instead, he allowed us to voice our concerns, and helped us stay the course. Jim mostly answered questions about what negotiating options might make sense (increasing the price, decreasing the closing assistance, etc.)

Our offer was quickly accepted, and we turned to Jim for advice again when we were looking at the prospect of inspection, home warranty, and home insurance. Jim’s service throughout this process was significantly better than I could have ever expected.

When we had questions, Jim was there to answer them or find someone who could. When we were worried or frustrated, Jim was there to calm us down. When we needed a recommendation on what company to reach out to, Jim had the perfect people. We used Jim’s suggestions for our Mortgage Company, inspector, home warranty, and insurance provider. Every one of them has been fantastic so far.

As a quick example of how dedicated Jim is, I wanted to offer a story of something that isn’t exactly part of our home buying experience. During our process, I told Jim that I was considering taking real estate classes and that I was interested in being a part-time agent. Jim agreed to meet me for lunch to discuss the ups and downs of being an agent. As was the case with purchasing our home, Jim didn’t tell me what I should or should not be doing, but listened, questioned, and encouraged me to find my own opinions.

I will literally recommend Jim to every person that I know who is purchasing or selling a home in the future."

- Fred (and Victoria) Fontz


"My experience with Jim Winn was nothing short of excellent. As a first time homebuyer, I was anxious about starting the entire process. After all, when would I find time for all that additional stress? But one meeting with Jim was enough to put my mind at ease. He quickly proved he had the knowledge and the expertise – and the confidence – to help find what I was looking for within my budget. Jim is also an all-around great guy to work with; he always made himself available, patiently answering my random questions, checking in to see how I was doing, and keeping me updated on what was happening in the process and what to expect next. Nothing was left to mystery or guesswork. And about a month and a half after my initial meeting with Jim, I was in my very own house! I highly, highly recommend Jim Winn and his capable crew without a single doubt or reservation. Jim, Katie, and the rest of the team not only made the entire process easy, they also made home buying a fun experience—and that made all the difference to me."

- Kurt West


"What can we say about Jim and his team. What can’t we say, they are the best in every facet of their business. Jim is always there even if only by phone or text to answer any questions we may have had. Jim doesn’t look at only helping buy a house, he wants to be a part of finding a home. It didn’t matter to him that he looked at so many houses and that he had to drive just about an hour one way to show them. His only concern was that we find that home would make us happy and he did that. Now of course it didn’t end there. He was with us every step of the way in the process of buying and selling our current home. He paid for a stager to help us get our town house ready and she did a fabulous job and this help sell our home in less than a week. Now this is when Jim and his team stepped up their game for us, they made sure that not only the title company and lender stayed on target but that we did as well. This helped maintain a stream line process with the only frustrations being those not under our control, but in the end a perfect process and a wonderful outcome for us. So I can easily say without any reservations, Jim and his team are the best and you can’t pick anyone better!  Thanks again for all your help!"

- Brian Blank and Kirk Marek


"Jim Winn represented us as both the seller’s agent of our condo in late 2016, and as our buyer’s agent in the Spring of 2017. Jim and his team are truly exceptional. He operates with the highest level of integrity and has his client’s best interest at heart. As a seller’s agent, Jim advised us on what items we could upgrade to get the best return on our property and get to a quick sale. His photographer took phenomenal pictures of our place, and Jim advertised our property widely across every channel you can think of. We feel that Jim really helped us put our best foot forward on the sale of our place. Jim also excelled when it came time to negotiate with the buyer. His negotiation skills are excellent, and we felt that we were able to get the best price for our property as a result of his skilled approach.

As a buyer’s agent, Jim made himself available for home tours as often as needed, sometimes even last minute – which was quite helpful in this competitive market where homes would go under contract within a couple of days. Jim also did excellent research on the comparable sales allowing us to make informed bids. Jim never pushed us one way or another, but rather provided us the information needed to make informed decisions. Jim is truly resilient and his positive spirit helped us remain persistent, even as we got outbid on the first few properties we pursued. We cannot say enough positive things about Jim. We would highly recommend Jim and his team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

- Chris Monje and Carolyn Inoa


"Jim’s team made the home buying experience far less stressful than imagined. He is willing to work with your schedule and goes the extra mile to make sure you don’t encounter any major problems. For first time homebuyers we found his positive attitude encouraging throughout the entire process. The group is efficient and highly professional. We hope to work with Jim again when we sell the house."

- Patrick LaBreck


 "Jim and his team were literally a "dream team". He covered everything from the initial meetings to get market ready down to the final details of getting ready for settlement. They don't miss a beat, and I never felt like things fell through the cracks. Jim is available (and even katie for last minute showings). I said many times we feel like we are your only customer!! Which wasn't true, but they always made us feel that way. Jim knows what he is doing and has a great rapport with all people involved, especially the other team of realtors/lenders. He knows how to strike an awesome deal without being pushy or rude. He always made sure we knew what next steps were and always explained everything clearly and precisely. I can't rave enough. So happy we chose them for selling and buying a home!"


-Jeff and Laura Lewis

"Jim was THE essential part of our home buying experience. He was knowledgeable, readily available, and honest. I am convinced that without him and the whole team with Jim Winn Homes we would not have found nor won the bid for our dream house! He is simply put the best!!"
-David and Izabel Saville


"Honestly, my husband and I can't say enough about Jim. As first time home buyers, we weren't quite sure what to expect, especially with the end of our apartment lease approaching. From start to finish, Jim was there to explain the whole process to us. We were beyond blessed to have worked with Jim and, in a crazy turn of events, ended up purchasing his home! If there is any realtor everyone should have the pleasure of working with it's Jim."

-Erin Ray



"Jim was great in helping my wife and I through our first home purchase. He helped us understand the process at each step and was so patient with all of our questions. When we purchased our house we didn't have many options so when we found a house we liked Jim quickly put together an offer and negotiated it to the top of about 15 other offers! He was both diplomatic and strong in getting us the best possible deal. Thanks to Jim, my wife and I are now in our first home and loving every minute of it!" 

- Michael and Camila Dygert




"We knew from the start of our home buying process that Jim Winn was the realtor for us. He came well recommended. We felt at peace knowing he was on our team and working hard to secure us the perfect home. Being first time home buyers, there are a lot of /span>


"Jim helped my wife and separately my mother-in-law find a home. Not only was he patient with us, new to the home owning process, but he was professional, available and showed his experience in every circumstance from viewing a home to the settlement. I would recommend Jim wholeheartedly to anyone going through this process!"

-James Overman


"Love the service, excellence, and thoroughness. Great guy!"

- Kris and Jess Marcantonio


 "Jim Winn is my real estate agent and he has become a friend. He helped me sell one house through difficult times and purchase another under happier circumstances. Jim also worked with my daughter and her husband when they purchased their first home. Jim is very professional and knowledgeable. He always provided a very positive outlook. His friendly, happy and supportive manner was a pleasure at all times. I highly recommend Jim for real estate sales and purchase."

- Chuck Eirkson


"One month ago, today, Jim Winn was by our side as we settled on our first home! I call it a "home" because Jim helped us purchase a house that we had always dreamed about, but never thought we would actually have. The DC area is a quick-growing, mostly unaffordable, area for first time homeowners, and our job locations were not as forgiving. One of us traveling east of Baltimore every day, and the other commuting to Greenbelt, we spent months trying to find the right location with that community feel. Jim was patient, committed and always open to our opinions. He promised us that we would find the right place and we should not settle until we did. Not even two months ago we saw the listing for an amazing home and we knew it was the one. Jim was quick to connect with the selling agent and helped direct us through the bidding process. We were shocked when the seller said "it is yours"! Almost sounded too good to be true! Today, we still could not be happier and we are honored to have been able to work with Jim. We would not recommend anyone else to help you find your dream 'home'. Thank you Jim!"

-  Laura Brickley


"It was such a pleasure working with Jim on the sale of our home and the purchase of our new house. He was so patient as I asked many questions - sometimes repeatedly, thank you! So kind, consideration and understanding throughout the process. I am glad we called Jim after viewing one of his properties online - he responded quickly, came by shortly thereafter and became our partner and trusted agent on the journey providing sage advice all along the way."

- Robin Thomas


"Jim is not only a great realtor, he's a great individual and a man of God! This guy went above and beyond to help me purchase my first home. He was there for me every step of the way, and even though we did not have a prior relationship, I had no doubt in my mind that he was all about serving me and helping me purchase something that my family and I would love and could handle. When you meet an individual like Jim, you will not only want to work with him, you will want to become his friend. I'm glad that I have Jim in my circle."

- Troy Green


"I highly recommend Jim for anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in Maryland.  Don't let his unwavering kindness fool you into thinking he's reluctant to go to bat for his clients.  He'll negotiate and structure a deal better than anyone in the industry, and all the while, treating everyone with respect (a rarity in this profession).  He's definitely a one stop shop for all your real estate needs."

 - Duke Walker


"We are an immigrantfamily who have been living in the US only 4 years. So, when we decided to buy a home we were stepping into a huge and complicated legal, financial and business system and were feeling like inexperienced swimmers thrown into a deep and stormy sea.  However, when our friend from the Covenant Life Church recommended Jim we felt more confident being sure that God was leading us to the right direction. After we first met Jim, our confidence was 100 % and we realized that God entrusted us to a person who combined high professionalism with dedication to customers. All advice given by Jim hit the target and during all the buying process we were led through its dark forest by his skillful hand and friendly support.  Thank you, Jim and Katie! You took an important part in our obtaining of the American Dream!"

- Yury Petrov and Victoria Kapustina


"Thanks, Jim, for all of your hard work in selling our house. It was our first home as a family. We are grateful that, thanks to you and your fantastic team, we can celebrate our house being sold!"

- Steve and Beth Techtmann