We had a unique and challenging situation when selling our house this past summer. Our house went under contract three times due to buyers’ loans falling through each time. During these six months, Jim became like family to us, helping us through each step of the stressful process of selling a house (x3!). Jim was always available for our numerous questions and provided us with great business advice as well as caring for us personally as we walked through this hard season. He personally took care of snafus that occurred along the way without bothering us with stressful details when it wasn’t necessary. He helped us stay within our asking price and got us the deal we were hoping for. He went above and beyond MANY times for us throughout our buying/selling process. We could not have asked for a better realtor! We also need to give a shout out to Katie, his assistant, for all her kindness and how quickly she responded to our questions as well. Jim was able to provide us with great business sense only because he has a wonderful executive assistant taking care of so many things behind the scene for him. We love them both!